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    Model ATS-300M

  Model ATS-300M Hysteresisgraph  
ATS-300M Iron core Magnetic parameters Tester is apply in measuring stator core of Motor(silicon steel), iron core of industrial frequency transformer, finished transformer, amorphous, ultracrystallite and permalloy iron core ( close loop sample) under the condition of frequency 50Hz and 60Hz’s dynamic hysteresis loop, magnetizing curve and power loss curve.

Accurate measurement of magnetic core amplitude permeability μa, loss angel δ, specific total loss Ps, remanence Br, coercive force Hc and other dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters.

Equipment has powerful data processing and memory property and adopted thread integration techniques in embedded system. It use the high speed microprocessor, highly integrated the excitation control, data acquisition, data processing and other unit.

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Hardwares parameters   Excitation Power Supply

    System parameters:
    Processor: 32-bit ARM embedded high speed processor 
    Outer storage: U disk storage, compatible for kinds of U disk, with 4G capacity or more, it could save 100,000 pieces of data.
    Interface: RS232、USB2.0 HOST(connect with U disk)
    Display:  320×240 lattice, 5.7 inch LCD screen

    Data sampling:
    A/D Convertion: Dual Channel, successive approximation converter 
    Voltage Sampling: 0~3~30~300V( Peak value )
    Current Sampling : 0~3~30~300~3000~30000 mA


    Output power: 300VA, sine wave
    Output Frequency: 50Hz, 60Hz
    Frequency Error: Set value within ±0.05%    
    Output voltage: 0~10~50~80~100V(Effective value)
    Output current: 0~30~300~3000~30000mA(Peak value)
    Voltage Distortion: superior to 0.5%
    Voltage Stability:  superior to 0.2%
    Signal produce way: DDS digital frequency  Integration way

Measuring Accuracy (Warm-up for half an hour; Temperature: 18℃~28℃Test under the condition of no outside magnetic field interrupted and temperature 30~ 75% RH circumstance.)
Test parameters  Lock Accuracy Measurement Accuracy
 Magnetic Induction (Bm)  ±0.3% ±[0.3% + 0.1% × (Vf/Vr-1)]
(Vf: Induction voltage sampling gear full range value, Vr:  Induction voltage measuring peak value)
(Vf/Vr-1) equal to or less than 2 (30V, 300V voltage sampling gear)
Magnetic Field Strength(Hm)  ±0.5%  ± [0.3% + 0.1% × (If/Ir-1)]
(If: Excitation current sampling gear full range value, Ir:  Excitation current measuring peak value)
(If/Ir-1) equal to or less than 2 (300mA, 3000mA, 30000mA current sampling gear )
Specific total loss Ps ---  ±[1.0+ (Φ/90°) × 0.25 × tan(Φ)]
(Φ: Induction voltage and excitation current ‘s phase angle.)

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