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    Model ATS-300M

  Model ATS-300M Hysteresisgraph  
ATS-300M Iron core Magnetic parameters Tester is apply in measuring stator core of Motor(silicon steel), iron core of industrial frequency transformer, finished transformer, amorphous, ultracrystallite and permalloy iron core ( close loop sample) under the condition of frequency 50Hz and 60Hz’s dynamic hysteresis loop, magnetizing curve and power loss curve.

Accurate measurement of magnetic core amplitude permeability μa, loss angel δ, specific total loss Ps, remanence Br, coercive force Hc and other dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters.

Equipment has powerful data processing and memory property and adopted thread integration techniques in embedded system. It use the high speed microprocessor, highly integrated the excitation control, data acquisition, data processing and other unit.

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·ATSView test software runs on Windows 95/98, Windows 2000/XP, Windows 7 operating system and conform to Windows software standard, simple operation.

·ATSView has three main functions: test function, file operation and printout.

·Select fix B (magnetic induction lock) or fix H (magnetic field lock) to test, meet kinds of test requests.

·Full-automatic control and intelligentized judgement, the whole test process is auto-completed.

·Real-time monitor of the sampling waveform and equipment condition during the test process and could stop at any time.

·Based on the samples’external dimensions, it could calculate the effective sectional area and effective magnetic path length.

·The file system adopt the database mode, it could directly print or output the test result into Excel form.

·Powerful function of file management: data storage, deletion, clear out.

·Data file include complete sampling data, samples data, equipment parameters and test projects. Files are test formatting, convenient to input into other softwares.

·It could show I(t)、U(t)、B(t) sampling waveform and B(H) hysteresis loop , also show the coordinate information of every points on the curves.

·After the multi-point cluster, it could show the cluster of B(H) magnetizing curve, μa(H) permeability curve and Ps(B) power loss curve and  also show the coordinate information of every points on the curves.

·Make different test conditions��?B(H) magnetizing curve and  Ps(B) power loss curve into one graph, convenient for their comparison and analysis.

·Based on μa, Ps, Bm, Br, Hc and Hm parameters to set up the bound, to qualify the test result through the colors of the data form.

·Support all kinds of printer, test result accurately match with the printer paper.

·Equipment has the function of print preview, convenient for adjusting the size and edge distance of the test report.

·Directly print the test report, or turn the report into JPG picture file.

·Send the JPG picture file by E-mail or save it in disk.

·Test report include complete curve graph, test results, test condition and samples parameters. With optional Chinese and English edition, convenient for add the User logo and name of enterprises.

·Kinds of unit standard optional, to make sure the every customers’using habit. .

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