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    Model ATS-200M

  Model ATS-200M Iron Loss Tester  
ATS-200M Stalloy iron loss tester (Abv. Iron Loss Tester), which is suitable for the manufacturer of motor and transformer. In the scene of raw material stocking or producing, it is used for quickly measuring the quality of stalloy, and also can test the quality of stamping stalloy.

This tester in accordance with the measuring method in Chinese National Standard GB / T13789-92, which adopt the combination of singlechip control technique and A/D, D/A, sine wave excitation current inside, directly show the iron loss value Ps ( W/kg ), magnetic field value Hm ( A/cm ) or magnetic induction value Bm ( T ).

Composing the stalloy automatic tester by selecting measuring software, it can automatic measure the Ps(B) loss curve, Ps(H) loss curve and B(H) magnetization curve of stalloy.

      General Features  

· Suitable for measuring various thickness of stalloy with cold rolling, tropism, non-tropism or hot rolling.


· It can choose the fixed B or fixed H measurement, fixed B maintain the magnetic flux sine when measuring the Ps, which effectively eliminate the influence of harmonic wave.


· Test report exclude copper loss to make sure result more true.


· Test probe add the air flux compensational coil to assure the test result more accurate.


· According to the measuring result, we can draw the Ps-B, Ps-H loss curve and B(H) magnetization curve manually in the coordinate paper to contrast with the material.


· Connected the RS232 interface with computer, choosing the automatic measuring software (Sold separately), powerful fuction.

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