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    DJ Series

  DJ Series Magnetizer / Demagnetizer  
demagnetizing field >400Gs
Super efficiency in demagnetizing
No need to move the workpieces
Continuously work

      General Features  

DJ Series Demagnetizer is not like the other demagnetizer,it can produce a damped alternating magnetic field in the coils.   The Max. magnetic field is above 400 Gs at the center.You only need to  put workpiece  in coils and push the demageting button.after one to three seconds, Demagneting is finished.
Because   the coil is not  electrified  all the time.It reduce power consumptiont  greatly.So it could work continously.

It is Widely used in machinery, bearings, hydraulic parts, stamping parts, hardware products, moldmanufacturing and other need needs demagnetization industry.

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