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    Model MATS-2010M

  Model MATS-2010M Hysteresisgraph  
Automatic measurement of the dynamic magnetic hysteresis loop of oriented and non-oriented silicon steel under the condition of 50 Hz, 60 Hz, 400 Hz and 1 kHz, accurate measurement of the static magnetic characteristic parameters such as amplitude permeability μa, loss angle δ, specific total loss Ps, remanence Br and coercivity Hc. With special testing fixture, it can directly measure the iron core and stator core of the transformer.

Windows measurement software applied simply. The product conforms to China National Standards GB/T 3655-2000, GB/T 13789-92 and international standard IEC 404-2, IEC 60404-3, IEC 60404-6.

The controlling of computer and A/D sampling replace the traditional analog bridge, frequency meter, ammeter, voltage meter, power meter, the whole testing process is automatic completed.

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·Testing sample varieties: hot rolling, cold rolling silicon steel materials, permalloy, amorphous and nm crystal. 

·Testing sample shapes: ribbon and chip open samples, toroid, E and U closing samples. 

·Open circuit samples adopt Epstein Square to form closed magnetic circuit, it can also select permeameter. Closing sample can be put under direct winding measurement, finished transformer can be also put under direct measurement. 

·Sample (iron core), magnetizing coil (N1) and measuring coil (N2) form a no-load transformer. 

·Non-inductive resistance connect to the magnetizing coil loop, and measure the pressure drop of non-inductive resistance to determine the magnetizing current and get the field intensity. The field peak value can be locked through the data feedback, the precision is 0.5%.

·To obtain the field induction intensity through the numeral integral in the voltage of measuring coil. The field peak value can be locked through the data feedback, the precision is 0.5%.

·Power source and sampling amplifier put into a chassis which make the interface very simple: a RS232 interface connect to the computer, the second voltage signal connect to high speed A/D card.

 ·Adopt volammetry and digital integration to measure dynamic hysteresis loop, it can accurately measure dynamic magnetic characteristic parameters such as μa, δ, Ps, Br and Hc, etc. 

·Automatic and continuous measurement up to 255 testing points, the testing time of every testing point is about 30 seconds, fixed-frequency, fixed Bm or fixed Hm optional in multipoint test. 

·Powerful function of the software, the technical request to the testing staff is very low.

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