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    Model LZ-610S

  Model LZ-610S Gaussmeter / Teslameter  
LZ-610S Gaussmeter can be used for measuring the surface magnet of all kinds of permanent magnet, especially for the weak field measurement (such as the measurement of deflexion core magnetic field )

Functions of polarity judgement, peak hold, pre-set selecting and alarm.

Users can select the transverse and longitudinal probes accordingly.

      General Features  
  Power   AC 220 V ±10%  50 Hz  0.25 A
  Display   3.5 Digits LED (or LCD)
  Range   200Gs, 2000Gs
  Minimum Resolution     0.1Gs (0.01 mT)
  Accuracy   Better than 0.5% 
  (Full range, check in uniform magnetic field)
  Pre-setting Range   0 ~ full range
  Interface   5 Pin Socket
  Analog Output   2000mV ( Full range )
  Dimensions   Metal Chassis: L330 × W 235 × H 90 mm
  Plastic Chassis: L230 × W 175 × H 83 mm

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