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    Model LZ-810S

  Model LZ-810S  Fluxmeter  
LZ-810S Fluxmeter is used for measuring the magnetic induction flux of all kinds of permanent magnets, convenience for master the whole magnetic property of magnetic steel and magnetic tile.

Functions of pre-setting sorting and alarm, which is suitable for the automatic assembly line work.

Users can customize kinds of test coil based on different requirements.

      General Features  
  Power    AC 220 V ±10%  50 Hz  0.25 A
  Display   3.5 Digits LCD
  Range   0~20 mWb
  Resolution   0.001 mWb
  Accuracy   Better than 1% (Full range)
  Zero Drift   ±1 μWb / 20 s
  Dimension   W 175 × H 83 × D 230 mm

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