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    Model MATS-2010H

  Model MATS-2010H Hysteresisgraph  
Automatic measurement of the demagnetization curve of permanent magnetic material such as ferrite, AlNiCo, NdFeB, SmCo, etc. Accurate measurement of the magnetic characteristic parameters of remanence Br, coercive force HcB, intrinsic coercive force HcJ and maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max.

Windows measurement software applied simply. The product conforms to China National Standards GB/T 3217-92, GB 11209-89 and international standard IEC 404-5.

Adopt ATS structure, users can customize different configuration as required: According to the intrinsic and size of measured sample  to decide the electromagnetic size and corresponding testing power supply; Select different measuring coil and probe according to the option of measuring method. Decide to whether choosing fixture in accordance with sample shape. Decide to whether selecting heating installation or not according to the test requirement.

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Standard Equipment

Serial No. Product Model MATS-2010H130 MATS-2010H150 MATS-2010H250
1  Electromagnet Model  DCT130  DCT150  DCT250
2  Test Power Supply  2 kW  3 kW  18 kW
3  Fluxmeter Configuration  One LZ-210B  Two LZ-210B 
4  Magnetometer  LZ-210H
5  Data Acquisition Card  PC6016
6  Measurement Software  HMTest partial functions HMTest all functions
7  Computer and Printer  Advantech IPC + HP1007 laser printer
8  Standard Specimen  One AlNiCo standard sample
9  Fixed Coil  One B coil  One J coil  J coil + H coil
10  Test Specimen Category  AlNiCo
11  Specimen Size
 (with round sample as an example)
 Diameter 3 ~ 100 mm
 Thickness 3 ~ 50 mm
 Ø < 130 - 1.2 H
General permanent magnetic:
Ø 3 ~ 60 mm
H 3 ~ 50 mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø 5 ~ 20 mm
H 5 ~ 15 mm
General permanent magnetic:
Ø 3 ~ 120 mm
H 3 ~ 50 mm
Rare earth permanent magnetic:
Ø 5 ~ 50 mm
H 5 ~ 30 mm


Remark: above configuration is the reference for customers, final configuration in the contract shall prevail.


Serial No. Options Name Functional Description Remark
1  B Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetic induction density, winding unnecessary  Customized, adaptable to the measurement of general permanent-magnet material
2  J Coil  Direct measurement on sample magnetical polarization, winding unnecessary  Customized, adaptable to the measurement of all permanent-magnet materials
3  Common Head  Work with electromagnet to generate uniform magnetic field  DCT130 standard configuration, other models optional
4  Horn Head  Generate larger uniform magnetic field  All models of electromagnet optional
5  Shrinkage Head  Applies to improve maximal magnetic field of electromagnet  DCT130 optional, other models with standard configuration
6  Iron Cobalt Head  Can improve maximal magnetic field for about 0.3 T  Only DCT200 and DCT250 optional
7  Heat Head  Applies to measure high temperature property of permanent-magnet material  All models of electromagnet optional
8  TCS-200 Temperature Controller  Applies to control temperature of heat head, control range: 50 ~ 250°C  Optional, can match with various heat heads
9  Tile Jig  Applies to measure magnetic shoe  Optional parts, customize according to magnetic shoe size, to match electromagnet with corresponding size
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