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    Model MATS-2010H

  Model MATS-2010H Hysteresisgraph  
Automatic measurement of the demagnetization curve of permanent magnetic material such as ferrite, AlNiCo, NdFeB, SmCo, etc. Accurate measurement of the magnetic characteristic parameters of remanence Br, coercive force HcB, intrinsic coercive force HcJ and maximum magnetic energy product (BH)max.

Windows measurement software applied simply. The product conforms to China National Standards GB/T 3217-92, GB 11209-89 and international standard IEC 404-5.

Adopt ATS structure, users can customize different configuration as required: According to the intrinsic and size of measured sample  to decide the electromagnetic size and corresponding testing power supply; Select different measuring coil and probe according to the option of measuring method. Decide to whether choosing fixture in accordance with sample shape. Decide to whether selecting heating installation or not according to the test requirement.

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·Automatic measurement on saturation hysteresis loop and magnetic characteristic parameters of generally permanent-magnet material such as Ferrite, Rubber & Plastic Magnet and AlNiCo, Js, Br, HcB, HcJ, (BH)max and μrec.

·Automatic measurement on demagnetization curve and magnetic characteristic parameters of rare earth permanent-magnet materials such as NdFeB and SmCo, etc. At the second quadrant: Br, HcB, HcJ, Hk (H90) and (BH)max.

·Test sample shapes: toroid, round cake, square, tile and other irregular shapes.

·Adopt B coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic induction, zero shift of integrator can be self-corrected through software.

·Adopt J coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetical polarization, remnant coil area of J coil can be automatically compensated through software.

·Magnetic field intensity can be measured with Hall magnetometer, nonlinear error of hall probe can be corrected through software, within 0 ~ 2.4 T range, nonlinear error can be controlled within ±0.2%.

·Adopt H coil + fluxmeter to measure magnetic field intensity, Hall magnetometer only used to indicate zero point of magnetic field so as to thoroughly eliminate nonlinear error of hall probe.

·Optimal range of field voltage, fluxmeter and magnetometer can be automatically set up.

·Magnetization, testing and demagnetization of general permanent magnetic sample can be completed at one time, time set up 20 seconds ~ 60 seconds.

·Rare earth permanent magnetic samples need saturation magnetizing before testing, testing time 60 seconds ~ 120 seconds.

·The sample after testing can be in a state of demagnetization or magnetizing, freely selected buy users.

·Select heating head and temperature controller to detect magnetic characteristics of Ferrite, AlNiCo and rare earth material under high temperature (maximam 220°C).

·Select shoe jig for direct measurement on magnetic shoe.

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