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    Model MATS-2100RMT

  Model MATS-2100RMT Magnetizer / Demagnetizer  
Magnet Analyzer - Model MATS-2100RMT is mainly used in measuring the distribution of surface magnetic field of multipolar loop, including the peak value, angle, area, width and half height of each magnetic pole. Judge the numbers of poles of the magnetic loop and polarity of magnetic pole automatically and will have a statistical analysis on the measuring result. It can calculate

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·Adopt transverse probe to measure the inner and outer surface of the multipole toroidal magnetic core.

·Adopt vertical probe to measure the end plane.

·Auto measure the distribution curve of magnetic field of the X-Y coordinate and the polar coordinate of various type toroidal magnetic core.

·Automatically determine the number of poles and the polarity.

·The measuring result include the peak value, angle, area, width and half height of each magnetic pole.

·The measuring result include the maximum, minimum, mean valve and standard deviation of every parameter.

·X-Y coordinate curve can zoom freely and dynamic trace and display the coordinate of every dot.

·Adopt the hand wheel and screw thread micrometer to adjust the location of the testing probe in X, Y, Z direction by manual drive.

·The angle of the spin platform can adjust freely, show on the dial.

·Testing software can run into the Windows 9X/me/2000/XP, use Chinese-English language, easy to operate.

·Support various type of ink jet printer or laser printer, permit to add any symbol or name of any user in the measuring result.

·The measuring result display in Chinese and English language format.

·The measuring result can change to graph files.

·Send color measuring result by E-mail.

·Output of measuring result in data bases allowing statistical treatments in program like EXCEL.

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