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    Model MATS-2100RMT

  Model MATS-2100RMT Magnet Analyzer  
Magnet Analyzer - Model MATS-2100RMT is mainly used in measuring the distribution of surface magnetic field of multipolar loop, including the peak value, angle, area, width and half height of each magnetic pole. Judge the numbers of poles of the magnetic loop and polarity of magnetic pole automatically and will have a statistical analysis on the measuring result. It can calculate maximum, minimum, mean value and standard deviation, etc. It also can draw X-Y graph and polar coordinate graph.

According to the request of the products,customers can customize various test platform: Universal test platform of magnetic ring (Left picture), magnetic ring test platform (Simple type), duplicator of magnetic roller test platform (Manual probe).  

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System Specifications

  Inner ring measuring range   Φ 5 mm ~ Φ 76 mm (> Φ 76 mm; choose turn joint, max.: Φ 250 mm)
  Outer ring measuring range   Φ 5 mm ~ Φ 76 mm (> Φ 76 mm; choose turn joint, max.: Φ 250 mm)
  X axis stroke   125 mm (adjust roughly) + 25 mm (adjust subtly)
  Y axis stroke   25 mm (adjust subtly)
  Z axis stroke   125 mm (adjust by hand wheel)
  Precision of magnetic field   0.5% (full range)
  Stepping angle resolution   0.01 ° (max.: 0.00015625 °)
  XY axis scale resolution   0.01 mm
  Z axis scale resolution   0.1 mm

Instrument Specifications

Stepping electrical machine controller   Precision electro-spin platform
    Power supply: 10 V DC ~ 40 V DC
    Output power: max. peak value 2 A / phase
                              set by the dial switch
    Drive pattern: controlled by constant phase flow
    Excitation pattern: Max. sixty-fourth, 8 kind movement pattern
                                     set by the dial switch
    Table-board diameter: 100 mm
    Gear ratio: 180 : 1
    Repeating fixing precision: < 0.005 °
    Max stepper motor: 40 Ncm
    Max Central Load: 50 kg 
Digital Gaussmeter PC6023 A/D Sampling and motion control card
    Measuring range: 1, 2, 4, 8 kGs four gears
    Precision: 0.5% (full range)
    A/D transfer: 12 bits, 4 channels
    Transfer error: 0.05% (full range)
    Stepping pulse duration: < 20 μs

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