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    Model LZ-630

  Model LZ-630 Gaussmeter / Teslameter  
LZ-630 Gaussmeter can be used for measuring DC magnetic field, and also AC magnetic field under 400Hz. It is a practicable desktop gauss meter.

Function of polarity judgment in measuring DC field .

Indicate the magnetic field effective value (Sine wave) in measuring AC field.

Choose the transverse or axis probe according to customers requirement.

      General Features  
  Power   AC 220 V ±10%  50 Hz  0.25 A
  Display   3.5 Digits LED (or LCD)
  Range   200mT, 2000mT
  Resolution   0.1 mT (1 Gs)

  Better than 0.5% 
  (Full range, check in uniform magnetic field)

  Interface   5 Pin Socket
  Dimension   Plastic Chassis: L 175 × W 230 × D 83 mm

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