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    Model LZ-643

  Model LZ-643 Gaussmeter / Teslameter  
LZ-643 is a portable AC and DC gaussmeter among the LZ series gaussmeters. It is used for measuring the surface magnetic field of permanent magnets and the working magnetic field of DC motor and magnetic separators. LZ-643 can display N/S, with the high resolution of 0.1G, it can be used for detecting the residual magnetic of machining, the remanence of workpiece and controlling the magnetic situation of plating materials, also detecting the magnetism of motors. With AC measurement function, it can be applied for detecting AC space magnetic field distribution. LZ-643 has two 64 readings memory, which is convenient for recording measurement data in real time. It can be connected to computer by the USB interface, and quickly form the magnetic field monitoring and measurement system by dedicated acquisition software.

      General Features  

Ø         Portable, convenient to handle and store, for on site measurement

Ø         Automatically shut down time can be set, continuously use for more than 30 hours  

Ø         DC/AC magnetic field

Ø         DC/AC maximum value hold

Ø         DC field polarity judge function (N/S)

Ø         Probe automatic zero, relative measurement, upper and lower limit alarm sorting 

Ø         Units: G, T, Oe, A/m  

Ø         two 64 readings memory for recording measurement data in real time

Ø         USB interface and dedicated acquisition software

Ø         Transverse probe with independent calibration value

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