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    MPS-20C Series

  MPS-20C Series Magnetizer / Demagnetizer  
MPS-20C Capacitance type magnetizer is invented by the Loudi Linkjoin electromagnetic test institution, produced by Hunan Linkjoin Technology Co., Ltd. The power is designed by optimized circuit design, the storage capacitance adopt the high voltage, long lifetime, immerse-oil power. The test method is strict; long working lifetime; strict selection of materials and own the best cost performance.

Especially suitable for the magnetizing of high inner coercive force permanent magnet, such as rare earth permanent magnetic materials, and the magnetizing of kinds of motor and big scale amplifier.

Continuous adjustment of power output voltage, convenient to control the intensity of magnetizing (or demagnetizing) field. We can also design variety of fixtures for magnetizing or demagnetizing.

      General Features  
 Model  MPS-20C16/20  MPS-20C24/30  MPS-20C36/40
 Power Source  380 V ±20 V, 20 A  380 V ±20 V, 30 A  380 V ±20 V, 40 A
 Max Output Current  20,000 A  30,000 A  40,000 A
 Charging Time  6 seconds  10 seconds  12 seconds
 Output Voltage  50 - 2000 V  50 - 2000 V  50 - 2000 V
 Condenser Cap  1600 μF  3200 μF  4800 μF
 Max Output Energy  3,200 J  6,400 J  9,600 J
 Main Control Element  SCR
 Dimension  600 mm W × 600 mm D × 1200 mm H (× 1, or × 2, or × 3)
 Weight  150 kg  250 kg  350 kg

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