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▪Oct. 1984, the Electronics Research Institute of Loudi Region was founded.
▪Dec. 1986, cooperated with the National Institute of Metrology to develop the third generation of Magnetic Materials Measurement Apparatus.
▪Jun. 1989, produced the first MATS-2000 Auto Test Device of Magnetic Materials.
▪Jul. 1990, absorbed a group of excellent postgraduates to strengthen the team.
▪Nov. 1991, held the seventh National Magnetism Academy.
▪Apr. 1992, established the agency in the Nantou Science Technology Industry of Shenzhen.
▪Apr. 1994, separated from the National Institution of Metrology.
▪Feb. 2000, founded the Loudi Linkjoin Technology Co., Ltd.
▪Apr. 2000, invested half million RMB in importing instruments from overseas for products researching and developing.
▪May 2000, developed a new generation of MATS-2010H DC Hysteresisgraph for permanent magnetic materials.

▪May 2000, generated the first set Windows version magnetic test software in domestic.
▪Sep. 2000, gained the license of producing measurement apparatus from the Bureau of State Technical Supervision No.13000003 Made in Hunan.
▪Jun. 2001, developed a new generation of MATS-2010SD DC Hysteresisgraph for soft magnetic materials.
▪Jan. 2002, developed a new generation of MATS-2010SH AC Hysteresisgraph for soft magnetic materials, testing frequency can reach to 100 kHz.
▪Apr. 2002, developed a new generation of MATS-2010SA AC Hysteresisgraph for soft magnetic materials, testing frequency can reach to 300 kHz.

▪Feb. 2003, the permanent magnet and soft magnet measure software can be operated together in the Windows XP operate system.
▪Mar. 2003, developed a new generation of MATS-2010M AC Hysteresisgraph for silicon steel, measuring transformer and iron core.
▪May 2003, the number of user of MATS-2010 series is more than 100.
▪Aug. 2003, MATS-2010SA AC Hysteresisgraph upgraded, testing frequency can reach to 500 kHz.
▪Jan. 2004, Loudi Linkjoin Electro-Magnet Institute founded the Standard Testing Laboratory to provide free testing service for its industry.
▪Feb. 2004, MAST-2010 series gained the certification of the Bureau of State Technical Supervision.
▪Feb. 2004, the trade mark "Linkjoin" has been registered officially by the Bureau of State Trademark.
▪Aug. 2004, developed the ultra thin hall probe chip, to meet the test requirements of gap magnetic field.
▪Sep. 2004, developed the MATS-2100RMT Magnetic Field Tracer, and delivery to the customer for use.

▪Sep. 2004, the figure trademark "The figure trademark of Linkjoin" has been registered officially by the Bureau of State Trademark.

▪Oct. 2004, regarded as software enterprise by the Ministry of Information and Industry, the number is Hunan R-2004-0033.
▪Oct. 2004, MATS-2010H DC Hysteresisgraph exported to St. Petersburg, Russia.
▪Nov. 2004, engaged senior engineer Mei Wenyu as permanent technical consultant.
▪Dec. 2004, to be the major supplier in measurement apparatus on no crystalline of Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd.
▪Jan. 2005, the number of the user of MATS-2010 series is more than 300.
▪Apr. 2005, changed the name to "Hunan Linkjoin Technology Co., Ltd.", raised the register capital to RMB 3 million.
▪Jul. 2005, MATS-2010SD DC Hysteresisgraph and MATS-2010SA AC Hysteresisgraph exported to Iran.
▪Aug. 2005, gained the import & export license, has the right to sign import & export contract with foreign businessman, the customs registration code is 431963140.
•Jan. 2006, MATS-2010 Series product upgraded to 16 bits A/D sampling, measuring accuracy have been further improved.
•Mar. 2006, MATS-2010SA Soft Magnet AC Measuring system increased the function of H Locking, which reaches the standard of international products.
•Apr. 2006, Beijing Agency and Shanghai Agency have been established.
•Aug. 2006, the customized 4000V/9000μF Magnetizer has been put to Xiangtan Electrical Manufacturing Factory for using.
•Apr. 2007, design the anti-magnetic watch test equipment for Fiyta.
•Apr. 2007, aim to open the Europe market; products have been CE certificated, Certificate No.: LVD07008, EMC07047.
•May 2007, authorized Sanlian Magnetoelectric Device Research Institute of Loudi for producing and selling the magnetic electrical products of Linkjoin Brand.
•Jun. 2007, MATS-2010SA Soft Magnet AC Measuring system could be chosen of DC superimpose test function ( User optional ).
•Aug. 2007, company has been passed the authentication of High-Tech Enterprise, Certificate No.07430130746.
•Sep. 2007, French Leroy Somer Motor Company customized the Large Motor stator Power loss Tester.
•Sep. 2007, MATS-2010H Permanent magnet Measuring Equipment directly exported to Busan, Korea.
•Dec. 2007, Linkjoin provide the Epstein Frame with the Soft magnet Property Tester (HyMAC) of Metis Instruments & Equipment n.v. Belgium.
•Oct. 2008, lasted for one year, the Gyro Torquer Temperature Index Measuring System was developed, which has been put to one of the Research Institutes of Chinese Aerospace Group for using. Make the technical index approaching the International similar system, fill the blank of domestic.
•Oct. 2008, based on the "MATS-2010RMT Multipole Magnetic ring Test Equipment", finished the design type of "MATS-2010RMT Magnetic roller Auto-Tester" which completely meet the test requirement of
��?/SPAN>Technical conditions JB/T 6795-2007 of Magnetic Developing Roller for Xerographic printer��?/SPAN>.

•Jun. 2009, to meet the customers needs of Europe and North America, MATS series all passed the CE marking, certificate No.: CPC09/031342, CPC09/031344.
•Jul. 2009, MATS Series Test System for Permanent magnet, DC and Stalloy have been exported to Putal University, Malaysia, which provide the tester for their laboratory. In September, technician came to Malaysia for training customers.
•Aug. 2009, "LZ-830S Austenite oxide detector" has been developed. It could effectively detect the condition of passing or blocking of the stainless steel pipe, which has been adopted by Xiangtan Power Plant and Lossless Detect Research Center of Wuhan University, achieved satisfied results.
•Oct. 2009, MAT-2010M Stalloy Tester exported to East Europe.
•Dec. 2009, "MATS-2100PTF Permeability Auto-Tester" was developed and put to Beijing GRIKIN Advanced Material Co., Ltd for using.
•Dec. 2009, the first Magnetic Test Equipment based on EOS (Embedded Operating System) --- "ATS-300M Iron Core Magnetic Parameters Tester" has been developed and put into volume production, which signifies our company leading into the Fourth generation of Magnetic materials Auto-Test System Development, laid the foundation of leading position in magnetic measuring equipment manufacturing field.

•Jan. 2010, remove the Shanghai Agency.

•May 2010, to meet the requirements of online testing CD Amorphous iron core dynamic magnetic on large quantity from Advanced Technology & Materials Co., Ltd., has the targeted update of SMtest soft magnet measure software and TPS-500A power supply.

•Oct. 2010, Gauss meter, Flux meter, and ATS-300M Iron Core Magnetic Parameters Tester were sold to Taiwan, China.

•Dec. 2010, signed the exclusive agency agreement with South Korean businessman, further expanded the export sales channels.

•In July 2013, Taiwan PRO-PII TECHNOLOGY became our exlusive agent,furtherly expands the sales channels.

•In August 2013, Our new fluxmeter LZ-840 came out.

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