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Hunan Linkjoin Technology Co., Ltd.

Founded in February 2000, Hunan Linkjoin Technology Co., Ltd. locates in Loudi, Economical Development Zone, which is the "Pearl of Hunan Province". It is a high-tech enterprise and software company, integrated of scientific research, manufacture and sales. The company, as the forerunner of the magnetic material measurement industry of China, commits itself to the research of "Precision measurement devices for magnetic material".

Our specialized research and development team started from participating in the research on the first set of "MATS-2000 magnetic material automatic measurement apparatus" of China. After the long silent hibernation, we accumulate energy so as to be well-prepared to develop ourselves. In succession, we produced the new generation "MATS-2010H permanent magnet automatic measurement system"and the first set of Windows version magnetic measurement software in China in 2000; another new generation "MATS-2010SD soft magnetic material static hysteresisgraph system" in 2001; "MATS-2010SA soft magnetic material dynamic hysteresisgraph system" in 2002, and "MATS-2010M magnetic sheet and strip measure system" in 2003. The developing and shaping of the total series of new products of "MATS-2010 magnetic material automatic measurement system" was completed in a rapid speed, which contributes to make the company keep one step ahead in the following development of new products.

The company regards products quality as the life of enterprise. The products have 8 series, more than 50 species, and all the produce management is operated strictly according to standards of ISO9001 2000 Quality Management System. With advanced technology, the products stand in the domestic leading level and international advanced level in the same industry, also the patents and software copyright they own are more than 20 items.

The management concept of the company is "Work hard and make customers moved". With the first-class products and considerate services, Linkjoin magnetic measuring apparatus and magneto-electricity devices have been widely used by the manufactures of magnetic raw material, devices and components; the industries of steel and metallurgy, Velte electrical machinery, electric acoust and transformer; the organization of national defence, measurement and colleges, and receive universal prise and recognition. The market share stably ranks first among the domestic industries since 2006, and our company is the manufacture and supplier of magnetic measuring apparatus and magneto-electricity devices with the largest scare and the most complete variety products in domestic.

The company always adheres to the development strategy of "Manufacturing elaborate magnetic measuring apparatus and building international first-class brand". The linkjoin magnetic measuring apparatus and magneto-electricity devices have been used in many countries in Asia and Europe for a long period of time. The exports figures show continuous and steady growth. The target we strive for is "Making Linkjoin(R) magnetic measuring apparatus to be world famous brand products".

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