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DC Hysteresisgraph Model MATS-2010SD
Automatic measurement on basic magnetization curve and magnetic hysteresis loop under static state of soft magnetic material, accurate measurement on static magnetic characteristic parameters such as initial permeability μi, maximum permeability μm, saturation magnetic induction Bs, remanence Br, coercive Hc and hysteresis losses Pu.
AC Hysteresisgraph Model ATS-300M
ATS-300M Iron core Magnetic parameters Tester is apply in measuring stator core of Motor(silicon steel), iron core of industrial frequency transformer, finished transformer, amorphous, ultracrystallite and permalloy iron core ( close loop sample) under the condition of frequency 50Hz and 60Hz’s dynamic hysteresis loop, magnetizing curve and power loss curve.
Iron Loss Tester Model ATS-200M
ATS-200M Stalloy iron loss tester (Abv. Iron Loss Tester), which is suitable for the manufacturer of motor and transformer. In the scene of raw material stocking or producing, it is used for quickly measuring the quality of stalloy, and also can test the quality of stamping stalloy.
Gaussmeter / Teslameter Model LZ-680
Brief Introduction

  LZ-680 is a desktop gaussmeter which is suitable for both AC ...
Fluxmeter Model LZ-840 Fluxmeter
This Fluxmeter can accurately measure magnetic density and magnetic field intensity which holds -400mVs~+400mVs wide range.
Magnetizer / Demagnetizer Model MATS-2100RMT
Magnet Analyzer - Model MATS-2100RMT is mainly used in measuring the distribution of surface magneti...
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