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Message Board
Yogesh Sonar      2010-3-19
Question:    Dear Sir,
I have required a basic type of "gauss meter" to measuring magnetic field of permanent magnets (DC magnet) and to understand north or South Pole, more specially probe type low cost gauss meter.
I request to you, kindly send me best quotations for available gauss meter with there specification details, and including all taxes & courier charges.
I look forward to receive your reply soon!
Answer:    Dear sir.
Our Gaussmeter could completely meet your requirement.
Our salesman will contact you as soon as possible.  
Hawk      2010-3-8
Question:    I am interested in your products. Please email me the following:

Price list and pictures.

Once i get these details i'll be able to quote for our requirement
Answer:    Dear sir.
Thanks for your coming.
Our salesman will contact you as soon as possible. 
behzad binesh      2010-2-10
Question:    Hi
I am a metallurgist and I am working for Technology Development institute of  sharif intehran. if it is possible, I want to know about your hysteresisgraph test aparatus specially Model "MATS-2010SD". please send me prices of this product.
best regard 
Answer:    Dear Behzad.
Welcome to choose our Hysteresisgraph MATS-2010SD.
The quotation have already sent to your E-mail.    

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