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Message Board
Mr ray wearne       2011-1-12
Question:     What is the FOB price on your Intelligent Digital Gauss Meter,Full-digital high-precision gaussmeter/teslameter,high-resolution magnetic field test machine  
can you please send me information for meters to measure ac magnetic feilds
thanks regards Ray.

Answer:    Dear Mr. Ray Wearne,
Thank you very much for your attention to our products.
LZ-630 Gaussmeter and LZ-641H Gaussmeter can meet your requirements.
Please check your email, the sales manager has already sent the detail information of the products to your mailbox.
Thanks and best regards
Mr Zarko Mitrovic      2011-1-6
Question:    Dear Sirs,
Please kindly to provide me the price and manual for your LZ-610 Gaussmeter.
Thank you in advance and best wishes in 2011!
Answer:    Dear Mr Zarko Mitrovic,
Thank you very much for your attention to our products and wishes, we wish you a wonderful year in 2011.
Please check your email, the sales manager has sent the information you needed to your mailbox.
We hope you will be satisfied about our products.
Best regards 
Mr HASAN LAJEVARDI       2010-11-23
Question:    HI
Dear Mr. /Mrs.
We are seeking a demagnetizer machine, to demagnetize our molds parts.
The biggest size of our parts is 500x400x350 mm with 200kg weight.
Please send your best offer to demagnetize these parts.
Please send quotation & technical data for us.
Best regards.

Answer:    Dear Mr HASAN LAJEVARDI,
Thank you very much for your attention to our products.
Please check your mailbox, the sales manager has already sent the information you need to it.
Best wishes! 
Mr EDWARD MWANGI       2010-11-13
Question:    we need a power inverter wirh automatic charge 3000w. please provide more details on this .we are ready to buy sample.

Answer:    Dear Mr EDWARD MWANGI,
Thank you very much for your inquiry.
Please check your email.
The sales manager has sent the informaiton you needed to it.
Best wishes for you.  
Mr Prasanna G D       2010-10-29
Question:    Dear sir, we r looking for Hysteresis loop tracer for research use, magnetic field upto 5 Tesla. Please provide the details of ur product with all specification and price.

Answer:    Dear Mr Prasanna G D ,
Thank you very much for your attention to our products.
The information you needed has already been sent to your mail box, please check it. Thank you! 
Mr Iorlumun Saror      2010-9-26
Question:    hello I am looking for a gaussmeter with these specifications -Magnetic field intensity
within the range of 0.2G to
20000 G, AC/DC fields,
Digital LED readout, Battery
Answer:    Thank you very much for your attention to our products.
The introduction and quotation of LZ-641H and LZ-640 have already been sent to your email. Pls check the PDF files.
Thanks and best regards 
Heber Mart铆nez      2010-8-19
Question:    Nice day!We need the MAGNETIZER /DEMAGNETIZER for ferrite and neodymium rare hearth, and a Gauss meter . Could you give us the price put in Montevideo URUGUAY? The quantity 1 pcs each one.
Best regards.
Answer:    Dear Mr.Heber Mart铆nez,
Thank you very much for your attention to our products. The sales manager has sent an email to you. Pls check it.
Best regards 
Mahesh Hukmani      2010-7-22
Question:    Dear Sir

We are IMPORTERS of magnetic healtrh products From china and Hongkong...

Now we need the Portable Gauss measure instrument..

Kindly send us the best quotes for 1 pc...on our direct e-mail:


Answer:    Dear Mahesh Hukmani,
Our salesman has sent the quotation to your email, please check it ASAP. Meanwhile, hope you could go though our website to get more information. 
Peter Sigournay      2010-5-10
Question:    Dear Sirs,

We build filtration equipment for machine tools using NdFeB magnets with 6000 Gauss strength of field.
We need to measure the strength when the magnet is behind different non magnetic metals, such as stainless steel 304 or 316. We need to know the maximum or minimum distance of field strength to get the maximum effect
We also need to know far away the strength of magnetic field dissipates to zero.
Can you advise a low cost meter to give us an accurate result.
Price delivered to England? 
Answer:    Dear Peter Sigournay :

Salesman have dmail you a quotation of the Gaussmeter LZ-610H and LZ-640H.
Meanwhile hope you could go throught our website about them.

Best regards. 
Maria      2010-3-29
Question:    Nice day!We need the gauss meter. Could you give the price for Gauss meter LZ-640H? The quantity 1 pcs. Can you send by express?

I am waiting your reply.
Best regards
Answer:    Dear Maria.

Our salesman have sent the quotation to your E-mail. Please check ASAP.
Best regards 

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